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                          About Us

                            Jingzhou STRONG safety & technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2000,is a specialized in the development, development, production of individual respiratory protective equipment manufacturers. ST series dust and gas mask developed and produced by the company is a free project funded by the ministry of science and technology of the People's Republic of China. It has obtained many national patents (patent no. : ZL 00 3 25439.9, ZL 200520098037.9, ZL 200530026606.4, ZL 200520098038.3, zl200530026605.x). The safety mark certificate of special labor protection products issued by the state administration of work safety (la-2006-0084), and the national industrial product production license issued by the bureau of quality and technical supervision of hubei province (hubei xk02-001-00020); This series of products has been identified as "major scientific and technological achievements in hubei province" by hubei provincial department of science and technology (registration number: EK020230), and the technical indicators are in a leading position in China and reach the international advanced level. The products sell well at home and abroad and are well received by customers.
                          At the national ministry of science and technology, national production safety supervision and administration, state administration of quality and technical supervision, inspection, etc. With the support from the government departments, enterprises adhering to provide workers with the quality of the faith of respiratory protective equipment, during the course of development, independent development of dust mask, gas mask products more than 10 series, a total of more than 40, has been widely used in industrial production and ordinary civil areas, especially in metallurgy, mining, chemical, construction, shipbuilding, different environment, the public security fire control in disaster relief, emergency rescue, the process of protection of public health hazards, to protect the people's life safety and health.
                          Since its establishment, the company has taken product research and development and innovation as the driving force of enterprise development, running through all aspects of the enterprise. After 15 years of improvement and expansion, the present product research and development center is integrated with product research and development and testing, with 5 professional technicians and more than 30 sets of equipment. Every year a proportion of research and development funds are invested to ensure the continuous research and development and testing of new products.
                          With first-class service, first-class equipment, first-class technology, first-class management and first-class efficiency, the company will become the pioneer of special safety protection products and the model of serving the society.

                          Contact Us

                          • Telephone service hotline

                            0086 400-8015-905

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                          • Address

                            No.32 jiangjin east road, Jingzhou city, Hubei province, China

                          Technical Support :+86 0716-4300018